Keeping our heads above water

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at  Adventure Ride and customers have braved biblical weather conditions on some of the rides. Despite the atrocious conditions we’ve had some fantastic days out even though on one memorable ride we had to contend with black ice, floods, bright sunshine and a blizzard all in the space of a few hours. As I always say, if this stuff was easy everybody would be doing it and it does no harm to stray outside your comfort zone occasionally. One of the great things about trail riding is it can be enjoyed year round in all weathers.


It takes more than wet feet and freezing conditions to deter an enthusiastic trail rider. Paul had a smile on his face for  most of the day.

paul smile.jpg

Some boys from Devon turned up on a selection of twin shock machines which gave me a chance to ride my ’72 Bultaco Matador. Ian [KLX250], Nick [PE175] and Rob [XR200] has brought along  their bikes to do a photo shoot for a forthcoming magazine feature in Classic Bike. The photographer for the day was Chippy Wood, the well known motorsport snapper and monthly off road columnist for Bike magazine. Chippy, an experienced enduro competitor, made it all look very easy, effortlessly covering ground quickly and somehow finding the time to get the camera out and take some stunning pictures.

We had some big laughs and a great day out [this was the day of the blizzard and the black ice etc] and arrived back at base very cold wet and tired. My chum Gez Kane from Classic Bike magazine was directing operations and also took it upon himself to raise our flagging spirits by spectacularly riding one of the Adventure Ride Pamperas straight into a farm fence, narrowly missing Chippy and his expensive camera in the process. I can’t decide whether it was selfless act of sacrifice in the interests of comedy or, after riding over a crest at great speed perhaps Gez simply hadn’t spotted that we had all stopped to open a gate, who knows? If we’d had a camera running the footage would definitely have made it into the next episode of You’ve Been Framed.

photo shoot.jpg

“C’mon boys, work it, make love to the camera…”

Gez Kane.jpg

“Put your scarf on Ian, it’s snowing.”

I must give a quick mention to my pal Stuart Altman who let the boys stay in his superb holiday cottage in Bishops Castle . If you’re looking to have a holiday in Shropshire , or indeed require somewhere to stay when enjoying a weekend with Adventure Ride Stuart’s cottage is ideal. Bishops Castle is a great little village with some proper pubs in it and makes an ideal base for walking, cycling or motorcycling in the area.

And finally, a gratuitous water splash shot.

ditch water

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